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A decentralized commons to unite and unlock the value of online forums, creating trust and fostering great discussions

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Online Forums - The Original Social Media

Despite the popularity of centralized social networks such as Facebook and Reddit, Online Forums continue to thrive, but still have challenges.

Tapatalk - Unified Forum API beyond just a mobile app

Tapatalk bootstrapped forum adoption with just 22 forums at launch. Now over 200,000 forums have installed Tapatalk software and are participating in the combined network.

Tapatalk Network of Forums

Tapatalk started as a mobile app reader for forums, Tapatalk built a unified Forum API that is now installed in over 200,000 forums.

Alexa.com estimates the Tapatalk Network of 200,000 forums has over six billion monthly page views with over 400 million registered users.

The Problems

Lack of Incentive systems to reward and retain top contributors

Just 3% of forum members contribute over 80% of new content. Forum activities can be significantly improved with a proper reward system in place.

Over-dependence on Google SEO and Display Advertising

Over 80% of Online Forum revenue is generated from display advertising, with over 60% of traffic generated from Google search results.

The Forum Industry has under-invested in improving user engagement and retention. Much of the energy has been spent generating more page views (from SEO) and higher ad revenues (primarily AdSense).

No “Alliance” to facilitate among individual forums

Online Forums need a common alliance to share community insights and technology know-how to prevent bad actors and encourage/engage quality users. While maintaining their independence, and user anonymity and privacy.

The Opportunity

Web 3.0 - Decentralization

The Future of Forums will take a nostalgic turn to the original vision of the Internet (Remember NNTP?) via tokenization to make both commercialization and governance possible.

The Blockchain Can Change The Forum Industry

Tokenization of Online Forums can create all sorts of tools for members, moderators and admins to nurture great, engaging content and relationships among participants.

The Solution


  • Empower users to control & foster their identity with single sign-on to forums.

Reputation & Governance

  • Empower forum owners with greater tools for moderations & self-governance.

Digital Payment

  • Facilitate economic activities in forum marketplaces and other digital goods and services.


  • Increase user engagement with tipping, reward and other incentives using crypto tokens.

TAPx Forum Commons - Decentrailized Forum Alliance

The Forum Commons, will provide truly decentralized governance on matters such as ecosystem seeding, reference implementation, token issuances and more.

Decentralized Identity System

A decentralized forum identity solution that will enable users to protect their identity at the same time making it easier to join and sign in to all participating TAPx Forums.

Decentralized Reputation System

TAPx will create tools for forums to define content reputation and to allow members to carry their reputation across forums.

Local Reputation can be scaled using Forum Score and collected into a Global Content Reputation Score to enable users to build a collective reputation that reflects their efforts and good behavior on all forums across the TAPx network.

Branded Token Framework

Forum Owners can improve engagement and retention by branding the TAPs Token.
Branded Tokens is a sub-token framework to encourage token usage within the forum with ability to fine-tune incentive and usage rules at individual forum level.

Customizable Incentives for Forums

Incentive Schemes allow customization at the individual forum level and help forums to improve engagement and retention.

Members rewarded for creating quality content

Moderators rewarded for quality and timely moderation

Marketplace participants rewarded by quality transaction

The Team

The TAPx team consists of the original Tapatalk founders & engineers, product experts and forum owners

Winter Wong

Founder & CEO Tapatalk

Yao Hu

Co-founder & CTO Tapatalk

Eric Sternbach

COO, Tapatalk ex-VP, Yahoo

Brandon Kopetzky

Zetaboards.com Founder


A team of world-class advisors with the right mix of backgrounds make the TAPx project possible

Mike Maples, Jr.

Founding Partner Floodgate

Vinny Lingham

Co-founder & CEO Civic

Jeff Atwood

Co-founder Stack Exchange

Llew Claasen

Executive Director The Bitcoin Foundation

Sam Hamidi-Kazemian

Founder and CEO Everipedia

Sanjay Sabnani

Founder & CEO Crowdgather


Our investors are passionate about Online Forums and have proven track records of identifying the next big idea and helping startups to build great products

Top VC firm in the Silicon Valley with successful exits including Twitter, Lfyt, Cruise Automation

One of the biggest venture fund in China is partnering with Accel Partner to invest in top US startups

Owns and operates over 1000 Online Forums


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